There’s A Final Fantasy VII Edition Of Monopoly Coming In 2017


Ever wondered what the world of Final Fantasy VII would look like in board game form? Ponder no longer: video game merchandise store Merchoid has announced just that with a special version of Monopoly set to release on April 14, 2017. If you’re interested in snagging a copy for yourself, you can pre-order now for £34.99 (approx. $47) by visiting the product page here.

The product description reads:

Delve into the evolving city of Midgar in search of the latest business opportunities. Perhaps you’ll buy up a string of plots for housing development for the people, or go industrial and build a Mako reactor plant.

Likewise, Merchoid community manager Jessica Adams said of the special edition (via VideoGamer):

It’s every family’s favourite board game in a Final Fantasy VII theme, so it will feature Cloud, Aeris, Sephiroth and all your favourite characters and locations. Whether your plans are to buy housing for the people or build a Mako reactor plant, you’ll soon discover the real nature of Sephiroth’s evil is the extortionate amount of rent he charges.

Final Fantasy VII is just the latest of several video games that have been immortalised in Monopoly form. The likes of Pokemon, Halo and Fallout all have their own versions too. If board games aren’t your thing though, you’ve got the Final Fantasy VII Remake to look forward to when it launches at some point in 2017.