Thief 4 Is Sneaking Onto Next Gen Consoles

I’m not sure if I should be celebrating or a bit dismayed at this one. Word came down earlier today that Thief 4 is now officially a PlayStation 4 game as well as a title for the next Xbox system.

Official Xbox magazine told CVG that Thief 4 will launch alongside the release of the enxt generation consoles sometime late next year.

Its been a long time coming since Thief 4 was originally announced four years ago, but we didn’t really know much about the project until just a few months ago when the long dormant website finally started showing some signs of life. I know many of you got your first taste of the Thief series when the games were put on sale during the Steam Summer Sale, but for longtime fans of the series it has been a hellacious wait.

Still, just knowing that we’re going to be able to play the game soon should be enough to get us through the long, cold, lonely winter, right?

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