Thomas Was Alone Potentially Headed To Xbox One And Nintendo Wii U

thomas was alone

According to new ratings published by USK, the German software regulatory board, block-based platformer Thomas Was Alone appears to be making the jump to the Xbox One and Nintendo Wii U. The charmingly minimalist title was first released on the PC back in 2012, with a PlayStation 3 version following in 2013.

Developed solely by Mike Bithell, Thomas Was Alone looks rather simplistic at first glance. It stars several different characters, but each one is only represented by a colored shape. For example, the titular Thomas is a red rectangle. Each shape also has their own unique ability, such as being able to float or being able to jump higher than the others. This group of rogue artificial-intelligence entities must work together in order to escape their predicament.

While nothing has been confirmed yet, these published ratings are usually a good sign that something is in development. In addition to the Xbox One and Nintendo Wii U, it’s possible that the title will also be headed to the PlayStation 4 at some point. Bithell has developed a good relationship with Sony over the past few years, as Thomas Was Alone was a featured PlayStation Plus game and his next title, Volume, has already been confirmed for the PS4.

We hope to have confirmation of Thomas Was Alone coming to new platforms soon, so stay tuned.

Source: Joystiq