THQ Confirms Metro: Last Light As Metro 2033 Sequel

During a conference call with the company’s investors this evening, THQ CEO Brian Farrel confirmed the title of the in-development sequel to last year’s sleeper-hit FPS, Metro 2033. He confirmed that the rumored title of Metro: Last Light is in fact the title of the upcoming game. Though no other information was released other than the fact that it will receive a ‘first-class marketing campaign,’ according to THQ core games CEO Danny Bilson – a quote from earlier this year.

Rumors had been floating around about the title of the planned sequel, which was usually referred to as Metro 2034. This talk was ignited after THQ registered online domain names featuring the now confirmed title, including and Though, when these registered domains were first leaked, it was unknown as to whether it was the name of a direct sequel or a spin-off project.

This is great news for those of us who gave Metro 2033 a chance, as it was a great game. One of 2010’s best, in this writer’s opinion. Give it a chance if you haven’t so that you’re ready for this interesting sequel. The original game was released for XBOX 360, PS3 and PC, so it may be safe to assume the sequel will be as well.