Tilt-shifting ‘Elden Ring’ video turns it into a ‘Warhammer’ tabletop game

elden ring launch trailer
Image via Bandai Namco / FromSoftware

Elden Ring has now been out for several weeks and many players have thoroughly explored the Lands Between, gathered the demigods’ Great Runes, and become the Elden Lord (all possible in under ten minutes!). But just because this dangerous world has been mapped doesn’t mean we’ve seen it all.

For example, a simple change of perspective transforms the look and tone of the game, as proven by this excellent video by YouTuber Flurdeh.

Tilt-shifting (and altering the speed of the game) has the effect of making this epic scenery resemble a miniature world, and the ruined fantasy setting strongly resembles Games Workshop’s Warhammer setting, with the forests looking like model trees and the dilapidated castles appearing to be painted by hand.

Of course, actually playing the game like this would be impossible (or very, very hard), though it would be a treat to see a title that uses this visual style. Perhaps the closest a game has come to using it is the somewhat cheerier fantasy world of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening remake on Switch, which also employs the technique to make its world appear small and hand-crafted.

Flurdeh has many other videos in a similar style on his channel, with highlights including Tiny Red Dead Redemption 2, Tiny God of War, and Tiny Half-Life 2, all of which show familiar games in a very different light.

Here’s hoping FromSoftware is hard at work on DLC campaigns for Elden Ring. Even as the credits rolled players are still feeling the hunger to chart new lands, though we’re worried about the murderous creatures they’re cooking up to take us down.