Time-Bending Thriller Quantum Break Gets A Brand New Cinematic Trailer


After years of development, we are itching closer and closer to the April 2016 release of Quantum Break. To ease the wait a bit and whet our appetite, Remedy Entertainment showcased a brand new trailer tonight at The Game Awards, which you can check out for yourself above.

Focusing on protagonist Jack Joyce, who is portrayed by Shawn Ashmore, the trailer offers some explanations as to what your adventure will entail. Staged around scenes of time-stopped mayhem, Joyce asks what do we want to hear from him. Do we want to hear about how time broke? Or how Joyce and antagonist Paul Serene got themselves into this situation in the first place? Well, he doesn’t have any answers for you, so I suppose you’ll just have to find out for yourself.

Remedy Entertainment has clearly been using the lengthy development cycle of Quantum Break to their advantage, as this cinematic footage is absolutely stunning. Sure, it may not actually be gameplay footage, but for a title that is focused just as much on presentation as it is gameplay, it’s incredibly impressive. I’ve always been a believer in the studio’s vision for the project, as strange as it is, and I’m very happy to see it is shaping up so well.

Quantum Break is scheduled to launch on April 5th, 2016, exclusively for the Xbox One.