TimeGate Studios Offers New Mode As Incentive for Section 8: Prejudice Kills

To mark the release of the PC version of Section 8: Prejudice, developer TimeGate Studios has announced an incentive that will keep players’ fingers on their triggers. A kill counter has been added to the game’s official website, counting upward towards 10 million kills. Once that plateau is reached, a new mode referred to as ‘Assault’ will be unlocked.

In this new (free) mode, one team tries to capture all of the control points on the map, while their opposition tries to defend them for as long as they can. It sounds like fun and should hopefully be unlocked soon for both the XBOX 360 and PC versions of the game, as the counter is already over 7.6 million. Keep your eye out for it and it shouldn’t be long now until gamers can give the new mode a try.