The Last Tinker: City of Colors Releases This Summer


The Last Tinker: City of Colors, a 3D action-adventure platformer, has been confirmed to release on PC via Steam, along with Mac and Linux, sometime this summer. Developed by Mimimi Productions and published by Unity Games, the title promises an epic quest through vibrant, colorful lands, with a mixture of platforming, fighting and puzzle-solving gameplay elements.

Players will take control of Koru, a street kid in the slums of Colortown, who sets out to stop a force known as the Bleakness and restore color to his world. Additional features will include a colorblind mode for players who have trouble seeing red and green, Xbox 360 controller support on PC and Linux, DualShock 3 controller support on Mac, and numerous Steam extras, including trading cards, badges, emoticons and profile backgrounds.

A teaser trailer for The Last Tinker: City of Colors can be viewed below. Check it out and stay tuned for more updates.