Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Tweaks Listed As Respawn Braces For Second Tech Test

Developer Respawn Entertainment currently has all hands on deck as it prepares to launch the second round of the Titanfall 2 multiplayer tech test. It’s due to go live across PlayStation 4 and Xbox One – sorry, PC users – today, August 26 at 9am PT/ 12pm ET/ 5pm BST/6pm CEST, and we now have word of the incremental changes that will be introduced following last weekend’s public beta.

Echoing yesterday’s extensive blog post, Respawn has called upon fan feedback for the vast majority of those tweaks, and a small update to the test client will go live later today before the mech-on-mech action gets underway in earnest.

Perhaps most exciting of all is the addition of a new multiplayer map in Forward Base Kodai, while a unique Callsign is also up for grabs during select periods throughout the course of the weekend. That means that, during Titanfall 2‘s Amped Happy Hour event this Saturday (9-10 a.m PT and 4-5 p.m. PT), a Predator-styled insignia will be available. All you need to do is hop into the tech test at any time during that period to unlock the Callsign, which you’ll be able to sport when Respawn’s sequel touches down on October 28.

Upon fine-tuning its test client, the studio has also made the following changes ahead of this weekend’s second – and seemingly final – public beta.


Increased max wall-running speed.
Increased base wall-running speed and air speed.
Increased acceleration while jumping off walls.
Titans dashes recharge 2 seconds faster.

Titan timer

Pilots now earn a small amount of Titan meter every 5 seconds. (This value may be undertuned until we can take a pass at how much meter you earn from objectives.)

Bounty Hunt

Score Limit lowered to 5000 from 6000 to increase the amount of games won by score instead of time.
Banking phases now last 45 seconds instead of a minute.


Fixed some issues with the outer deadzone on PlayStation controllers.

Titanfall 2 will host its second tech test from today, August 26. It’ll run through the weekend, and those on PS4 and Xbox One can expect the session to go live at 9am PT/ 12pm ET/ 5pm BST/6pm CEST. Respawn’s actioner launches on October 28.