Cinematic Trailer For Titanfall 2’s Single-Player Campaign Teases Bond Between Pilot And Titan


Meet BT-7274. It’s perhaps not as catchy as R2-D2, but with Titanfall 2, Respawn is hoping to instil a buddy cop dynamic into the sequel’s single-player campaign.

By stepping into the dirtied boots of rifleman 3rd class Jack Cooper, you’ll take point as the human half of that all-important relationship, exploring the mysterious planet of Typhon in a bid to unravel the secrets behind the IMC (Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation). BT-7274, meanwhile, “is unlike any Titan seen before in the Titanfall universe,” according to Respawn’s latest blog post, revealing that this “is the first Titan built by the Militia; a resistance group fighting the oppressive IMC to provide freedom and safety to the Frontier.”

All of this comes hand-in-hand with the blistering cinematic trailer for Titanfall 2, one designed to draw attention to the shooter’s single-player campaign. Given this is a feature that was sorely missed in the 2014 original, Respawn has made a conscious effort to flesh out a narrative that will hook fans from the get-go – often a difficult task in the first-person shooter genre – with the blog post teasing that journey that awaits Cooper and his robotic companion. James Cameron classic Terminator 2 is even referenced as a creative influence for crafting a bond between man and machine.

Together you will explore the mysterious planet of Typhon and discover the IMC’s intentions. The more they work together, the stronger the link between Pilot and Titan becomes. We drew lots of inspiration from buddy cop movies and other genres that explored the relationship between man and machine such as Terminator 2 and even earlier works like The Black Stallion.

Titanfall 2 deploys from orbit and onto PS4, Xbox One and PC on October 28. Below, you’ll be able to clock eyes on a blistering new gameplay clip rendered in 4K – providing your computer is up to the task, that is.

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