Titanfall 2 Single-Player Gameplay Trailer Continues To Tout Bond Between Man And Machine


Battlefield 1 is, unsurprisingly, the talk of the town. DICE’s lavish period shooter isn’t set to launch officially until Friday, October 21, but thanks to early access programs and select pre-order perks, players are already duking it out in The Great War as we speak.

Another first-person shooter that’s due to enter the fray in the coming weeks is Titanfall 2, and we now have a new gameplay snippet touting the sequel’s all-new single-player campaign. Drawing attention to the dynamic between Jack Cooper and his Titan, BT-7274, it’s a blistering tease of what’s to come, as the Militia prepares to wage war against the IMC as they gear up to unleash a devastating, Death Star-esque weapon that can obliterate entire planets.

The official plot synopsis reads as so:

Jack Cooper is a 3rd Class Rifleman with the Militia. He’s a grunt with aspirations of becoming a Pilot and he’s caught the eye of a Master-level Pilot, Captain Tai Lastimosa. Lastimosa sees potential in Jack and takes him under his wing, training him secretly to avoid the red tape during their time of war against the IMC. Jack is showing a lot of potential but he’s still got a long way to go before he’s ready for Pilot Certification.

When an investigation of a research facility on the IMC controlled planet of Typhon goes wrong, Jack and BT are thrown off course and behind enemy lines. With Lastimosa killed in action, there is no other option but for the two to link up and work together to finish the mission BT and Lastimosa started, whether Jack is ready for it or not. Check out the trailer below for a sneak peek of our thrilling single player campaign.

Titanfall 2 has been penciled in for release across PS4, Xbox One and PC on October 28, but can it fend off strong competition from Battlefield 1? Time will tell. If you’re curious to find out what the critics are saying about Respawn’s shooter, Open Critic (via PSLS) reports that the review embargo is set to lift on October 24th.