Toddler-Horror Game Among The Sleep Aiming For Q4 2013 Launch

Norway-based indie game developer Krillbrite Studio announced at GDC today that they are expecting to release their toddler-based horror title, Among the Sleep, during the fourth quarter of 2013 for both the PC and Mac. Additionally, the company is planning to launch a Kickstarter to fund the remaining development costs sometime next month.

First announced back in May 2012, Among the Sleep puts players in the unique role of a two-year-old child who is tormented by “horrifying creatures”, “mysterious things”, and his own “limitless imagination” after being put to bed one evening. The title uses a first-person perspective to give players the feeling of being a small helpless child trapped in a large and extremely scary environment.

According to Krillbrite’s game description, Among the Sleep takes place “in the borderland between dream and reality, [where] surreal creatures and diverse environments will present you with both physical and mental obstacles that challenge your creativity.”

In my opinion, the horror genre has become increasingly watered down over the last several years, as developers have attempted to expand their audience by incorporating more action and shooter elements into their franchises. Playing the part of a toddler who is terrified by their own overactive imagination seems like just the thing to make players feel truly helpless, and therefore the perfect premise for horror.

Here’s hoping that Krillbrite has the necessary gameplay mechanics to fulfill all the potential that is packed into Among the Sleep‘s concept.

We will keep an eye out for any additional information about Among the Sleep‘s Kickstarter and let you know as soon as it launches. If you not yet seen any assets for the game, make sure to check out the gameplay trailer and screenshots down below. Despite the fact that they are almost a year old at this point (and therefore not very representative of the current state of the game), they clearly demonstrate the terrifying concepts behind the toddler-horror title.

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