Toki Tori Coming To Wii U By The End Of The Month, Says Two Tribes

Toki Tori

It’s not often a developer can get as much bang for your buck as Two Tribes has managed to get out of its 2001 Game Boy Color puzzler Toki Tori, and it sounds as if the Dutch studio has no plans of taking its time-tested champion out of the spotlight anytime soon. According to a recent announcement on Twitter, Toki Tori has been approved for the eShop by Nintendo in both Europe and the US, and if all goes smoothly could arrive by the end of October.

The game has undergone a number of enhancements for its Wii U incarnation (I would certainly hope so), including requisite improved visuals, sound, and the like. Beyond that, though, is touchscreen and GamePad support that will more than likely have substantial effects on how you play and interact with the game. Let’s not get too carried away, though – it’s still Toki Tori.

I’ve never played the series myself, so as a Wii U owner this certainly seems like the best chance that I’ll get to try the now 12-year-old game with a modern coat of paint. Of course, the sequel Toki Tori 2 was already released for PC, Mac, and Wii U months ago, so I imagine the release of the original is designed to give newcomers a cheap and fun crash-course in what egg-chasing is really all about. What, you didn’t know Toki Tori was about collecting eggs?  Your unborn sibling have gone missing, you jerk! The least you can do is try and track them down.

As mentioned, the team at Two Tribes is hoping to have Toki Tori approved and on the open market by October 31st, so if revamped Game Boy puzzling is your thing, you’ll definitely want to try it out.