Tokyo Jungle Hits North American PSN On September 25th

Back at E3 Sony announced that Tokyo Jungle, the Japanese “Urban based animal survival” PSN title, would be released in North America, but it took until today for SCEA to put an official date and price on the game. The good news for North American animal survival genre enthusiasts is that the wait is almost over, Tokyo Jungle is scheduled to launch on September 25th, for $14.99.

For those that missed the details on this gem, Tokyo Jungle takes place in a post-apocalyptic Japan, where all the humans have disappeared and the animals are left to fight their way up the food chain. In Story Mode this means playing as a range of different animals (everything from a chick to a lion), while working towards “unraveling the mystery of mankind’s disappearance”. In Survival Mode, players will have to form packs, produce offspring and take over territory.

Check out the game’s trailer and some screenshots below. Tokyo Jungle is not going to set any records in the graphics department, but any gamer who tries to deny the appeal of controlling a pack of wild chicks through the post-apocalyptic streets of Tokyo is only fooling themselves.

Source: PlayStation Blog