Tom Clancy’s The Division Shows Off Its Bleak ‘Silent Night’


With only a week left until Christmas Day you’re probably feeling pretty festive, right? Well, put that on hold, because Tom Clancy’s The Division has a live action trailer that’s sure to undeck your halls. The clip, titled ‘Silent Night,’ is the first live action trailer for the game and boy is it a doozy.

As the footage opens we see a boy standing happily in a street covered with yuletide joy and Christmassy decoration. While the camera pans inwards the boy he starts to sing the classic carol “Silent Night,” to complete what appears to be the perfect, blissful scene. Things soon take a depressing turn, however, as the scenery changes and we find the boy standing in a now devastated city street enveloped by chaos.


As the boy is approached by three menacing looking figures, the song’s lyrics are altered to paint the new picture of despair that will be at the forefront of Tom Clancy’s The Division. While the boy is eventually rescued from harm by a team from the mysterious Division, the whole trailer is still deliciously bleak and gives a real sense of the heartbreaking tone Ubisoft will be looking to capture as the events of their game unfold.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is set for release in March 2016, meaning we can all have at least one more happy Christmas before their desperate vision takes over our lives.

Source: Ubisoft