Tom Clancy’s The Division May Be The Most Intriguing Game Of This Year’s E3

The Division

Dark Winter. It’s a terrifying name, even more so when it’s explained. Ubisoft starts off by reminding us that we’ve created a system so complicated we no longer know how to control it. After a plague set started across the nation on Black Friday, the entire country was thrown into turmoil. Civilization all but collapsed within a week as food became scare, the stock market crashed and international trade stopped. With five days, every single person in the nation became a possible threat.  This is the bleak reality we’re faced with in Tom Clancy’s The Division

The third person shooter MMO looks like it will have some sort of cross platform support since Ubisoft alluded to the fact that one of the players was using a tablet. In the demo shown, a team of three players tried to secure a police station. This meant first evicting the citizens who had taken up refuge and were none too happy about the intrusion, leading to a massive fire fight.

After finally out maneuvering them and taking them out, the team freed some police offers that were taken hostage and were able to loot the armory. Getting out wasn’t going to be easy either, as one of the players shot off the flair signaling for extraction, she reminded the team it’s going to be about 90 seconds before they can get out of there. As if they were lying in wait, as soon as the signal went off another team of players opened fire, turning this into a PVP mission instantly.

I’m really not sure what I’m looking at here to be perfectly honest, but I’m definitely intrigued. This sounds like it could be an insanely awesome experience and I can’t wait until Ubisoft gives us some new details. Check out the trailer and the gameplay mission we saw below and let us know what you think of The Division.