This Is How Tomb Raider Defines Survival Combat

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider

When Crystal Dynamics’ much talked-about Tomb Raider reboot climbs its way onto retail store shelves early next month, it will bring with it a visceral, but deadly island. Home to cult-like foes who outnumber Lara Croft, the game will force players to think before acting, explore as much as possible and brave unfriendly elements. Then again, what else should we expect from a new telling of one of gaming’s favourite, and most worldly stories?

Today, Square Enix continued its marketing plan by releasing the third instalment in the game’s Guide to Survival video series. Like its predecessors, it once again provides some great gameplay footage to gawk at, complementing the on-screen action with some great information and general survival tips. This time around, however, most of the referenced content is fixated upon what the developers refer to as ‘survival combat.’ As such, viewers will get to witness Tomb Raider 2013’s younger, more agile version of Lara Croft battle against the odds, as she attempts to stay alive against ravenous wolves, moral-lacking humans and, as mentioned before, some unfriendly weather conditions.

You can check out the rather lengthy tutorial/preview video below, and can also find the series’ first two episodes by checking out our previous coverage of the game.

Tomb Raider will bring new meaning to survival combat when it launches on March 5. While you wait for that anticipated date, and our detailed review of the full game, pass some time by checking out our in-depth hands-on preview.