Three New Tomb Raider DLC Costume Screenshots Leaked

Crystal Dynamics’ decision to focus their future Tomb Raider downloadable content efforts on the game’s underwhelming multiplayer mode is apparently not stopping the studio from developing new costume DLC for Lara to wear in the main single-player game. As discovered by All Games Beta, a new set of screenshots has been leaked to the internet, revealing an unannounced three pack of outfits for the rebooted heroine.

Judging from the file names for the screenshots (viewable in the gallery below), the new Lara costume DLC pack will include the following three outfits; Mountaineer (a long sleeved shirt and insulated grey vest, suitable for chilly conditions), Modern Archer (red vest with a set of archer gloves), and Engineer (dark grey long sleeve shirt and matching pants, because that is apparently what engineers wear).

Overall, a very mundane and forgettable set of costume downloadable content. It is also very surprising that the developers choose not to include a classic Lara Croft outfit in with the pack, as that have gone a long way towards selling the useless DLC skins.

There is no pricing or release date information for the upcoming Tomb Raider costume pack, however, if it is priced anything like the first set of downloadable content you can expect Square Enix to charge 240 Microsoft Bucks ($3.00) for all three.

The idea that Crystal Dynamics is releasing additional costumes for Lara to wear is not all that surprising, mainly because past Tomb Raider games have always included a collection of alternate outfits. The main difference is that the vast majority of those costumes were unlockable in-game, and therefore did not require players to pay any additional money.

I suppose, that Square Enix has to find some way to compensate for Tomb Raider‘s “weak” sales revenue.

At any rate, it is a shame that Crystal Dynamics is choosing to release costume packs as their only Tomb Raider single-player DLC. I personally found the main game to be very enjoyable, and would have loved the opportunity to extend that experience with some (more challenging) add-on tombs. Paying to dress Lara up in alternate outfits is not exactly anything that I’m interested in, but to each their own.