Tomorrow’s Dark Souls III Patch Aims To Fix Matchmaking And Balance Issues

Dark Souls III Screenshot 2

A new patch is scheduled to go live for Dark Souls III tomorrow that will hope to fix several matchmaking and balancing issues, publisher Bandai Namco has announced. A short period of downtime is expected to occur prior to the patch going live, but the inconvenience will hopefully be worth it, as the fixes being made should all make your journey in Lothric an easier one to survive.

Perhaps most importantly, it seems From Software has taken notice of the problems people have been experiencing in regards to invading other players to obtain the necessary covenant items to level up their chosen faction. Both Blade of the Darkmoon and Blue Sentinel members will hopefully find it easier to enter other worlds after tomorrow.

Besides the above, password matchmaking – which should make playing with friends easier – is being tweaked to be more consistent, and a whole host of changes are being made to specific weapons to (hopefully) make them more viable.

See the full notes below:

  • Adjusted the efficiency of the Great shield category
  • Adjusted the consuming FP of the Magic Spell category
  • Adjusted the efficiency of items: Dragon Slayer’s Axe, Crescent Axe, Dark Drift, Washing Pole, Moonlight Great Sword
  • Fixed the shield penetration rate of the partial attack in the scythe category
  • Fixed the stamina attack of the partial weapon category
  • Improved the matching of the Blade of the Darkmoon and the Blue Sentinels covenants
  • Improved the password matching rate
  • Improved other game balance
  • Several game flaws fixed

Dark Souls III released last month to critical acclaim. Our own review labelled it as “a magnum opus of From Software Design” and one that retains all of the magic that made its predecessors so great. If you haven’t check it out yet, then there’s no better time to jump in than now.