Tons Of Dynasty Warriors Vita Media

Tecmo-Koei have certainly used the large E3 stage to their advantage, by revealing a ton of assets for their newly announced Dynasty Warriors title for PlayStation Vita. It doesn’t have a name yet, but the project is in full swing. That’s for sure.

The Vita iteration of the popular Japanese hack n’ slash series is set to make good use of the device’s touchscreen capabilities. It was announced that it will introduce a new ‘god-speed musou’ special move attack, which is engaged by using the touchscreen – allowing you to zoom in and target your foes. You can also use the touch sensitive screen to break enemies’ defenses and to direct allies by tapping the map.

Four-player multiplayer and GPS-based features will also make it into the finished product. Not to mention motion sensing controls using the device’s tilt sensor.

Check out the game’s screenshots and new trailer that KoeiWarriors and VG 24/7 have blessed us with. You can expect to have it available for play in your hands, sometime next year.