Tons Of New On-Ice Features Are Coming To NHL 12

It’s almost time for the puck to drop to begin the NHL 12 season. A virtual puck, that is. Electronic Arts Canada have released a video showcasing some of the new features that are being implemented into this year’s iteration of the always evolving sports title.

Last year’s outing was probably the best video game hockey experience yet, but this year’s release could be even better with some of the new features and upgrades. In order to make the game a lot more realistic, the development team has gone above just regurgitating last year’s adaptive physics engine (which was amazing in allowing each hit and general player animation to be different depending on certain factors,) by adding in some great new gameplay mechanics.

Here is a list of some of the new features coming to NHL 12:

Full Contact Physics Engine: Thunderous body checking can result in broken class and annihilated players. Everything is live when it comes to the in-game contact animations.

Live goalies: Goalies aren’t off-limits now. Just like in real-life, players can invade the crease, bump the goalie and annoy the heck out of him. This will cause all sorts of chaotic reactions in the blue paint.

Desperation saves: When goalies are bumped, they’re usually forced to act quickly to make desperation save attempts. These virtual puck stoppers will do the same using dynamic animations.

Goalie fighting: If you’ve ever dreamed of punching the opposing goalie in the face, now is your chance. Both goalies can drop the gloves against each other when provoked.

Fight for positioning: Jostle against the opposition as you try to fight for positioning in front of the net. Conversely, defenders must try to eliminate opposing threats from the slot.

The Winter Classic: Fans asked for it and EA has delivered. The outdoor Winter Classic from Heinz Field in Pittsburgh will be playable.

The crew is working on getting the ice ready. It’ll soon be time to get out there and show that you belong in the NHL. Check out the video below to whet your appetite, and check back for news regarding a big reveal that the studio has planned for the near future.