Top 100 Ranked Players Get Access To Unique Gold Armour In Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare


Sledgehamer Games has revealed a unique, gold-plated armour set that will only be available to the top 100 ranked players in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Taking to Twitter, the studio confirmed that the Grand Master set — which bears semblance to armour found in Destiny or BioWare’s recently-released Dragon Age: Inquisition — is exclusive to the very, very best of first-person shooter fans. Bragging rights have never looked so shiny.

Here’s another look at the Grand Master Character Gear set. Awarded to the TOP 100 Ranked Players in #AdvancedWarfare.

There’s no doubting that the Grand Master set is pleasing on the eye, but given the sheer number of players that log hours into Advanced Warfare every day, the odds of seeing a user clad in gold — let alone owning it yourself — are infinitesimal.

In other news, Sledgehammer unveiled the game’s upcoming Zombies mode — aptly titled Exo Zombies — which will make its bow as DLC in January. It’s the first chapter in the survival-based mode and will be included in the Havoc expansion pack, and we’re expecting the studio to release further installments in the undead add-on in the months to come.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is currently available across consoles and PC. In our review, we praised Sledgehammer’s maiden entry into the franchise which brings a lot of fun gameplay mechanics to the fore, even if it doesn’t reinvent the formula.

It’s not revolutionary or redefining by any measure, but Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is by far the series’ most refreshing, progressive and exciting outing in a long time, and that’s no small feat.