Top Apex Legends Streamer Out Of Commission Following Accident


Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek is officially on bed rest.

The popular Twitch streamer was forced to take an unexpected hiatus from the world of Apex Legends earlier this week when a scooter accident left him in hospital. It’s nothing too serious, thank the heavens, but the injury did require him to get surgery on his elbow to heal the torn ligament and essentially reattach his bone to his elbow. Okay, maybe it’s a little serious…

Grzesiek was as cheerful as ever though, and brushed off concerns over his career via Twitter, where he noted the following:

No stream today boys. Blame the scooter. Getting surgery on my elbow today. Might be out of commission for a bit. The aim’s still there. Movement might be a little slow as I recover.

Housemate and fellow streamer Justin “Just9n” Ortiz provided a little more context about the accident itself, noting that ‘Shroud’ instinctively shielded his right arm like a guitarist fretting over their money maker.

He hit the brakes too hard, and he flew over the handlebars about 10 to 12 feet, onto the asphalt. Now, being Mike, he’s looking out for his right arm, he fell on his left arm—all of his weight. He got a bunch of road rash from about his hip down to the middle of his thigh. It’s all purple and blue, all fucked up. He landed on his elbow, put a huge hole in his elbow. From what I understand, he tore a ligament and removed a piece of the bone from the elbow, so [the surgeons] need to go in and reattach that bone to his elbow.

Grzesiek entered surgery yesterday buoyed by the support of his global fanbase, who continue to post heartfelt messages. Neither he nor Ortiz have offered any sort of update on the situation, but we’ll inform you if and when that changes. More importantly, we wish Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek a speedy recovery, and hope to see him on the Apex Legends battlegrounds before long.

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