Torchlight II Promises To Be Exponentially Bigger Than Original

I’m finally starting to kick my addiction to Diablo III, which means it’s prime time for Torchlight II to come steal me away. Runic Games released an infographic showing just how much more is waiting for us in the highly anticipated sequel, and I’m a bit intimidated to be honest. You can check it out below, but it’s borderline obscene. 5773 items? Don’t they know that I have work to do? I better start saving up some sick days.

Runic Games hasn’t given an exact release date yet, but is still optimistic that they can get it up by the end of summer. Runic president Travis Baldree posted a blog post stating the following:

“People asked us to make pre-orders available. So, people were just interested in what was going on. There was some concern in the forums that we had gone off and were just twiddling our thumbs. We have a point in development where we’ll say, ‘Okay, we’re ready to announce a date,’ but we’re just not there yet.”

You can still preorder the game from Steam and get the original Torchlight for free. As if you didn’t have enough to play after the Summer Sale as it is…