Total War: Rome II Reveals New Screenshots At Gamescom

Total War: Rome II is the pre-alpha, PC exclusive that has already revealed its focus on presenting a more detailed war. At Gamescom earlier today, The Creative Assembly unveiled more screenshots from the re-imagined Rome and appear to have already realised this renewed focus.

From glimpses of close-quarters combat to grand overviews of the colossal city and an ongoing siege, the screenshots depict an incredibly detailed battle of Carthage. The expressionless soldiers we have grown accustomed to have been replaced with fighters fraught with emotion, flaming arrows can be seen descending from the smoke-filled sky and the swords look sharper than ever.

Total War: Rome II is currently aiming to release in the latter part of 2013. It is the strategic sequel that many fans of the franchise have been waiting for as it is a return to arguably the most successful time-period the series has ever explored.

Luckily, we now have the following new screenshots to satisfy our thirst for war – for a while at least.

Check them out below.