Total War: Rome II – A Murderous Announcement Trailer

Following the official announcement, The Creative Assembly have just released the first trailer for Total War: Rome II. As one would expect from a strategic series such as this… it is live action and devoid of any of the sense of scale that its announcement boasted.

Admittedly, the trailer itself is intriguing. It offers an insight into some of the political power plays that will presumably be available in the game, and seems to indicate a greater focus on this aspect. With murder, murder and one moment where murder occurs, it appears that Rome is internally going to be as brutal as the battlefield. How this aspect will present itself in Total War: Rome II, one can only speculate, but Rome could certainly play host to a personality based strategic layer akin to that in Crusader Kings II.

In case my somewhat derisory tone failed to convey it, I don’t like live action trailers. Show me gameplay and I can get excited, show me actors and I will stand up and identify you as Spartacus.

Watch the debut trailer below, and stay with us here at We Got This Covered for more on Total War: Rome II.

Source: Joystiq

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