Total War: Warhammer Release Date Pushed Back To May


SEGA and Creative Assembly have made the tough decision to delay Total War: Warhammer for an entire month, but why? Well, according to the game’s creative director, Mike Simpson, the delay is simply a case of making sure reviewers are given enough time to thoroughly play through and test the real-time strategy before it ships for public sale.

“This could be the best Total War game we’ve ever made,” said Simpson. “We don’t want to rush it. It’s an enormous game and we also want to make absolutely sure reviewers have enough time to play it thoroughly before launch. Many thanks to the huge number of people who have pre-ordered and are eagerly awaiting release day. We’re pulling out all the stops for you.”

If Total War: Warhammer truly is the biggest, best and most ambitious game in the series Creative Assembly have ever made, then the delay to give reviewers time to exhaust its features entirely is a sensible decision to make, but is it a big enough justification to withhold the game entirely from going on sale?

The news is no doubt going to irk those who take little notice of reviews when it comes to decision time on whether to put down the cash for an anticipated title, and all those involved may be given some flack for holding a game back purely to make room for critical reception.

Total War: Warhammer will no release for PC on May 24. What are your thoughts about the reasons fore the game’s delay, though? Do you think too much stock is put in to critic reviews by publishers and developers, or do you think it’s the sensible thing to do? Let us know in the comments below.