Touch My Katamari Prologue Trailer Brings New Meaning To Weird

Here’s an established fact about the Katamari series: it’s weird. So weird, in fact, that it trumps just about everything on the market in that department. That isn’t a bad thing though, considering how much the series resonates with its quirky visuals, gameplay, music and plot lines. After all, you can’t expect a sense of normalcy from a game where a tiny prince rolls household and planet-covering items a giant ball. Adding emphasis to that fact, is the balls’ purpose as fill-in stars.

With the release of today’s Touch My Katamari prologue trailer, what we thought couldn’t get any more out there has done just that. Its absurdity has brought forth confusion and wonder, in addition to interest and a desire to go hands-on. However, using words to describe what is a noticeably obvious King of All Cosmos promotional video, is admittedly tough. Obviously, using the word weird to describe one of my more anticipated PlayStation Vita titles, would be selling it short.

Watch it for yourself and let me know what you take away from it.

Touch My Katamari will launch alongside the PlayStation Vita, on February 22. Hopefully it will bring new and unique gameplay elements to the series – something which has lacked in recent releases.

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