New Trailer For Curve Digital’s The Swindle Prepares You For Console Debut Next Month


Size Five Games and Curve Digital have unveiled a new trailer for upcoming Steampunk platformer The Swindle ahead of its console debut next month.

Coming to Sony platforms first, it’s understood that the puzzler will launch across PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita on July 28 for those in North America and Europe. From that point on, Curve will bring the title to Xbox One on July 31 and Nintendo’s Wii U at a later, as-yet-unspecified date.

Boasting a visual style not unlike Machinarium, it’s understood that The Swindle will take a leaf out of Spelunky and Rogue Legacy‘s books in that all levels will be procedurally-generated, and developer Dan Marshall touched upon some of the gameplay elements that users can expect in a few weeks’ time.

The Swindle is the kind of game that I always wanted to play; one minute you’re sneaking past robot security guards to grab a load of loot and the next you’re being chased by police choppers and drones, desperately trying to avoid capture and an awkward-and-embarrassing death. Procedurally generated adventures are all the rage these days – but there’s nothing with stakes quite as high as The Swindle.

In what is essentially a stealth game, players will be tasked with hacking into various terminals before attempting to make it out with the loot undetected. Gathering resources in this manner bears semblance to Steamworld Dig – itself a rather great Metroidvania genre piece – and The Swindle is certainly one to keep an eye on as it nears release.

The Swindle will make its debut on PlayStation platforms come July 28, before proliferating to Xbox One three days later and Wii U at a later time.