New Trailer for Dragon Age: Inquisition Promises “Premiere Content First” On Xbox One

dragon age inquisition

Bioware swooped into the Microsoft E3 press conference today with a new trailer for its current-gen, multi-platform RPG, Dragon Age: Inquisition. Touting early access to “Premiere Content” as the reason fans will want to pick it up on Xbox One, the trailer for the third game in the Dragon Age fantasy epic is big on mood, vistas and monsters. In the mix are little snippets of gameplay for what mostly appears to be a pre-rendered affair designed to stoke expectations.

Narrated by the player character, whose mysterious power puts them at the centre of a conflict that’s tearing the world apart, the trailer sets a tone that’s grim and grand. With plenty of shots of characters slowly running in dramatic fashion, it seems EA really wants to show off how the land of Thedas looks running on the Frostbite engine. It’s hard to blame them, as the deep draw distances alone seem to indicate that the franchise is bringing emphasis back on open environments, which should appease fans disappointed by the claustrophobic Dragon Age II.

While the CG elements of the trailer add cinematic heft to the proceedings and give nods to the series’ lore (looks like there’s a Qunari royal in the mix, and the trailer ends with what appears to be Dragon Age: Origins‘s Leliana in a bit of a bind), the glimpses of gameplay are action-packed. Greater emphasis than ever seems to be placed on fast-paced, dynamic combat, with the player character rushing down all manner of dragons and beasties using daggers, spells and bows.

No word yet on a release date, but you can see the trailer for yourself below if you need a Dragon Age: Inquisition fix to hold you over.