New Trailer Showcases Kim Wu’s Return To Killer Instinct


Microsoft and developer Iron Galaxy remain hard at work providing new content for the Xbox One revival of Killer Instinct. The game’s latest batch of DLC, being referred internally as Season Three, has already had three characters confirmed in the form of returning fighters Tusk and Kim Wu, along with the surprising appearance of Rash from the Battletoads series.

Today, Microsoft has officially unveiled Kim Wu via a new gameplay trailer. The female warrior, who previously appeared in Killer Instinct 2 back in 1996, seems to be bringing a more comical mood to the game. A self-described ‘demon ass-kicker,’ she will make use of a dragon spirit in combat to deliver many of her attacks.

Wu will join her fellow KI2 fighter Tusk as part of the first batch of DLC for Season Three some time in March, with Rash and four other unannounced characters available later on. The game will also make its PC debut at the same time, as a Windows 10 exclusive.

For hardcore players, Iron Galaxy has also laid out all of the small changes that will be made to the game and characters as part of a patch to better balance the overall experience.

Source: Polygon