Transistor Continues To Allure With Launch Trailer And New Game Plus Mode


For those that are impatiently waiting for a unique title, I come with awesome news: Transistor drops May 20th, and to help convince you of its distinctiveness, Supergiant Games (Bastion) have just dropped an incredibly intriguing launch trailer that greatly succeeds in making the short wait that much tougher.

Transistor oozes with creativity, inspiration, and a strong art style that immediately grabs the eye. It follows the aftermath of some sort of attack on the title’s main setting, Cloudbank, and tasks our heroine, Red, a former big-time-singer-turned-badass, with finding those who are responsible before they find her.

This is a game that seems to pull from various genres. You’ve got the levelling up and customization of RPGs merged in with essences of a third-person action game. And, with the highly-regarded Bastion under Supergiant Games’ belt, it’s hard not to be bursting at the seams with excitement about what this title can become if all the stars align properly.

To sweeten the package, the developers have also just announced a new game plus mode that they call Recursion Mode. Creative director Greg Kasavin says that once Transistor is completed, you can start up a new campaign while keeping all of your updates and Functions (think abilities).

Check out the new launch trailer below, and stay tuned for our review of Transistor, which will be up next week.

Source: Polygon