Treat Your Eyes To A Long Demo For Star Wars: The Old Republic

The force is with this one and it wants to share its knowledge with you.

Actually, by mentioning the force, we’re actually referring to Bioware – the Canadian men and women behind Star Wars: The Old Republic and all of its Jedi tricks. They’ve decided to give fans a real treat by releasing an incredibly long, narrated walkthrough of one of the massively multiplayer online role playing game’s first flashpoint missions: The Esseles. It’s a mission that pops up shortly after the beginning (or origin) portion of the game, becoming available around level nine.

In this demonstration, we get to take a look at how the combat works, as well as a bevy of different dialogue choices/story related moments. That means that a spoiler warning is needed. Though it’ll surely be hard to resist watching this, even if you are worried about ruining story points. Cryo grenades, lightsabers and team tactics await those who do decide to hit the play button.

Although I’ve never been a big MMO guy, I must say that this one piques my interest. Especially with how great this footage looks, coupled with the fact that I’ve always loved Star Wars and most things that have come out of it.

What do you think? Leave a comment about your take on this lengthy, thirteen minute video.

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