Treyarch Looking Into What Went Wrong

So the long awaited and much needed patch for Treyarch’s Call Of Duty: Black Ops went live less than a day ago now, and while it was one of those few situations where players actually were WAITING for a fix, they were absolutely gutted to discovered first hand that 1.04 made things worse. At the moment the reports of complaints are only coming back about the PS3 version, but it seems that this ‘major’ update has caused even more problems than we originally had to deal with, and now it’s hard to see what they were even patching in the first place.

I have a huge amount of respect for Treyarch and what they’ve managed to achieve with the game, despite a huge amount of critical stigma, but let’s get this straight; a patch is supposed to address the issues that are lurking about in the game, iron out those little creases and put a tight and clean seal around it all. The main problems with Black Ops at first were the frame rates issues, the faulty party system, and the muted headsets. Admittedly the frame rate thing was dealt with rather quickly, but the other two were desperately in need of 1.04 (aside from multiple but small niggles).

Now that it has arrived, complaints have been describing that the party function still doesn’t work reliably, and that a group will get piled into a room with someone missing, some apparently in the lobby but not showing their names and so on. Other reports say that the PS3 is actually freezing mid game even more frequently now, with the connection error message coming up, closely followed by your console crashing. Headsets are getting muted out randomly in matches (although seems to pop up more from what we have been told, in team tactical lobbies the most?) and for some reasons you can’t mute players in the pre-lobby anymore. Oh and who among you has seen the “chessboard screen” as unhappy users are calling it. It is an orange and white chequered pattern that glitches onto the matchmaking background image, if you leave a game under certain conditions.

That’s quite worrying considering that now Treyarch have to go back and undo the patch, or patch the patch? Then start again to fix it properly. From what they tell us it requires a lot of work and time to make an update, which I completely respect. However I would rather the patch came out a week later if it was going to get the job done once and for all.

Activision and Treyarch have said they are looking into what went wrong. We’ll keep you updated.

Come on Treyarch, don’t ruin it now. I know! Can my Christmas present be that Black Ops will work perfectly for a week? Thanks.

We all know that the irritation comes from the fact that the game would be so good if their weren’t all these little issues to contend with. Sigh..

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  1. Spaceboy_casays:

    Well, did you think for a moment that the party and mic issues might be a result of Sony’s online infrastructure? It’s no secret that Microsoft’s is superior, so designing any kind of online heavy game for it is always easier for developers. That’s not to say that Treyarch didn’t perhaps miss one or two things (or more!) while crafting the game for the PS3. There is always more to the story than we are able to see, or let in on.

    1. SeanScythesays:

      Yeah it’s not like there isn’t 20+ other games that do this without a problem already. Sorry buddy but that live is superior this is 3 years ago, the only thing the PSN is lacking is Xgame Chat.

      MW2, COD:[email protected], BF:BC2,1 Killzone2, Red Dead, Uncharted2, all work just fine so what is your other arugment maybe that it’s the cell unable to handel the game?

      1. Infamous_onesays:

        i’ll give you an argument the reason the game has all these probs is cause these biased dick riding microsoft asshole develepors get money thrown to them to keep multiplats better on 360 cause their fuckin lazy to get to know the hardware , we all know these games would look so much better and wouldnt have to download an dlc cause of the blu ray space so we get the shitty ports ,the 360 never has any space to really do anything that a ps3 can look at killzone 2 that looks bad ass dont kno why xbots think a cartoonish game like halo is better looking lmao even hiphopgamershow he found out that developers pick 360 and dont give a shit bout the ps3 but thas gonna change time wikk tell when we keep seeing games like uncharted that can never get graphics like that on no shitty 360 they hatin inside ..

    2. ..funny MW2 has no problems but BO can’t manage to play nice, I mean not even Zombies is as cool as Firefight on Reach, besides I get better games on MW2 than Reach or ODST MP (call it Halo3 MP if u wish), most of the issues on BO are coding, horrible coding, graphically is way below than MW2 but then again everyone seem to not notice that cause “is the latest”, I don’t see how the PS network element has anything to do with the issue, really BO is not a great game but at least make it playable…

      1. Bulletcowsays:

        You serious? Do you REMEMBER how many issues MW2 had when it came out? I tried to get my money back for months, that’s how much everyone hated it. Then it got fixed. I expect the same will happen. Oh, and from a PC stand point; Great patch! Thanks!

      2. another_BO_ps3_gamersays:


      3. Ghinghiskhansays:

        lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! right on my brother !!!!!!!!lol

      4. Ghinghiskhansays:

        What Went Wrong ,They took it out of the Oven too soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and then charged us 64 bucks to eat it,,, and when we complained and said, oh this isn’t done they said , Your taste buds are crap suck it up and like it . Its not our game, its your internet,,,,, Noooooo its your router ,,,,,,,,, Nooooooo ,its your PS3 , go have some one rip it apart and fix your Ps3 lol. Simple fix ,,,,Be Honest , We Screwed Up ,please be patient and we will fix it as fast as possible. This might have gotten a different attitude from us all.
        How do you feel when you get the run around.

    3. Ghinghiskhansays:

      yeah well they should have made sure it worked before the charged us 64 bucks!!!!!!!

      1. amandasays:

        shyt! 80 bucks for the hardened pack. worse yet..

  2. Rheaney72says:

    I think it’s a disgrace wot they have done they have ripped of million’s of users especialy ps3 users, i myself paid hard earned money for this game and it’s not on at all. And to tell you’s all the truth i dnt really care wot treyarch have or havent done it’s wot they have to do. Get your asses in gear. Yous were quick enough to take are money at the tills. ktm365 (ps3user)

  3. Anonymoussays:

    Rather then fixing the issue. Treyarch’s community manager Josh is twittering about his new shade’s and how he loves to shoot down spy plane with RPG.
    What he should do is to listen to PS3 community and try to play the game on a PS3 and PC to experience what we are going through everyday.
    I was on their forum and nobody from treyarch responded to a post or told that they are working on it.
    Not only they screwed Ps3 users but PC community aswell. I think i am going to play Bfbc2 since vietnam dlc is here soon and then Killzone3 from there on.

  4. Stourejesays:

    Treyarch, listen to me please, this should work:
    Remove any anti-aliasing (if there was any), decrease the resolution to let’s say 600 x 400 (max), maybe convert the color-scheme to black and white … in other words : downgrade the graphics from the current PS2-level to PS1-level. The game should run smooth then

    1. Rich Bunksays:

      LOL you are funny chief. This has nothing to do with Graphics Code, its mostly Net Code and the poor matchmatching. Demonware is the culprit.

      The PS3 could easily match the Xbox 360 in graphical prowess if the original game engine was more optimized for multicore processors.

      Good try though, wield your ignorance like a sword!

  5. Srichards1987says:

    The main thing I want to see changed is knife attacks. There is no commando perk this time around but it seems to have been bled into the game by default. I’m sick of shooting someone who is 30’feet away only for them to almost teleport into me with a knife already through my skull, even after takng 10 bullets

  6. they destroyed the use of hardline pro.. thats the shame

  7. Cod4 loversays:

    i regret hating mw2 now… IW are laughing at treyarch looking at how much they are failing. sure mw2 wasnt perfect but at least it worked. IW congrats you have won again

    1. IWsuckssays:

      so you judge a broken game with glitches, hacks, and exploits something that works? IW sure won,,,by taking your money and selling you a shit game

    2. Guestsays:

      LOL really MW 2 is crap.. Black ops is fun and i have run into none of these issues.. that being said i am playing on the xbox 360

    3. Guestsays:

      Oh COD4 lover COD 4 Is overrated as well…

    4. Rich Bunksays:

      IW wins nothing. It’s the crappy IW Engine based on Quake III (Circa 1999) that is the culprit. DICE doesn’t have these problems, but they are using source code from this century!

  8. txwolf63says:

    I think the patch messed with the router/ps3 settings. almost none of my online games work right . Red dead has worked since the ops update. This is why sony will never catch xbox. You get what you pay for. luckily im a 360 live owner too.

  9. Atron73says:

    I traded my PS3 version in for the 360, as the game became nearly unplayable online. FAIL

  10. Ive seen the checker board in MW2 once in game it randomly popped up at the bottom of the screen

  11. Guestsays:

    LOL never followed the Call of duty so to see it now crash and burn is very funny. These days I wait about one week after launch so i can read reviews and have other gamers test it out first.
    Saved me from buying Fable 3 and AC Brotherhood.

  12. JoeMercysays:

    Contract for Treyarch

    Make a game that is at least playable – FAIL
    Beat Infinit Ward – FAIL
    Give videogamers a f***ing hard time playing multiplayer and a campaing game that sucks – PAID

  13. deznutz Mofosays:

    Come on know you guys are overreacting, like im a big kz fan, but this call of duty isnt to bad, i play it all the time with my buds. “its unplayable” gez u guys acting like ur ps3 blows up wen u try to play online. There are small issues but nothing game breaking so relax, did they not say there working on it? thought i would never see the day i defend cod lol

  14. Lambogspdsays:

    they fired infinity ward thats what went wrong

  15. Myadress1983says:

    I think it is time to realize that a “top developer” can’t stay there out of symphaty, like it looks like they are. “Although I respect”? Common, it havent been anything but dissapontments since it came out ;bad grafics, bad leveldesign, bad gun feedback, not being able to complete a single match on the PS3. I think it is time to realise they are not up to the task.They can’t blame difficulties programming on the PS3, they are a major developer, they are paid for their expertise.
    I know at least I don’t think this deserves “game of the year”

  16. Myadress1983says:

    Also I think alot of gamers just feels like they have to deny the problems, cause it’s the latest COD, and we have spend money on it, so it have to be good. there is nothing else, and it is expansive for alot of people.
    What I don’t understand, is why gamingsites all hail it like the best, a clear signal to Activision that now the Brand is enough to make it sell, people won’t expect more

  17. Myadress1983says:

    Also, Treyarch is not the weak little kid people have to protect, “comon, give them a chance”
    It is a multimillion dollar cynical greedy company that no one should need to defend.
    If they aren’t good enough, well, step down.
    I think Activison has lost the big COD brand, and its time someone took their place.
    And just as good. They push all of the competion away nfrom holiday season, so all the actual good games get delayed, cause they cant compete with the brand( and now we know what quality they are aiming for)

  18. Jon Ranasays:

    The thing that will be interesting in the coming months (not actually that many when we look at it in the scheme of things), is how the release of killzone 3 and the first official footage from Battlefield 3 will shape the CoD audience. Activision have piled all the franchise’s eggs into Treyarch’s basket and while it is far from ripping apart, it is certainly looking a bit silly.

    Suprisingly, MW2 sales have gone up since the release of Black Ops. This could be because the price has come down…umm slightly…or because of what alot of people are saying regarding the I-ward Treyarch faceoff.

  19. Priince_johnsays:

    ive absolutly had enuff of treyarch and there peice of shit game, ppl ask for legitimate reasons for why ppl think it sucks, this is my reason, I WORK HARD AND EARN MY MONEY HARD! and when i buy a fucking game i expect to play it however the fuk i want! and now treyarch release a peice of shit patch that is ”supposed”to help quickscopers such as myself, i jump online all excited, only to find it doesnt help one bit! now there just insulting me now, treyarch are never having my money again. message to treyarch without profanity……in future allow players to play how thay want to play…not tell them how thay can and cannot play there game which thay pay for…unless you fully resolve the quickscopeing issues I.E not tweak i mean FULLY re-establish quickscopeing to the point where the scope doesnt wobble one bit. then me my 4 brothers and 2 sisters and my clan online, and friends from work, friends i go to gym with will not be buying your future call of duty games, yeah sure u might think oh well its like what?? 10-20 ppl?? but yeh..thats how failure starts 10 turns 20 and 20 turns 40 and 40 turns 80 and it goes on and on and on and on like that till your game is priity much 35% unpopulated…buisness 101 treyarch give customers want thay want..not what you want, that is all

  20. The only thing I can say is they need to hire someone who has the knowledge and is able to see what is going wrong with things. It would have been better for me if they actually took their time to see the things that are going wrong with the online play that is what people are buying it for. I mean I would love to see a game from treyarch that doesn’t make me want to throw my disc out a window and then burn the rest of it so I don’t have  a playable copy. I don’t like that we ask them to help with the cheaters. We have been asking them for a while and no one is trying to help with that. I mean come on how hard is it to actually set up things to keep people from cheating. I mean I don’t mind campers or last stand if they did it like how the guns are supposed to be. I am a female gamer and the only things that keep me from being happy while I game are the people who say I play the game fair and then boom lag switch, something that gives them an advantage since when you play fair but I am sick of playing games like that. If they keep ignoring that I might not with certain games that have their name one it. I mean I would love to be able to say they aren’t digging themselves their own grave but they are with clone games and what not. I mean I would love to see and origional game done by them that don’t suck and doesn’t make me want to go insane which I am but that is besides the point. I mean if they would like to say things to my face feel free to look me up on xbox 360 my gamer tag is KojiTa Belarus and I am a gamer who likes to see things how they say they were going to play and that being able to play fair would be something I would love to see. Well that is a rant from a mom who has a son that likes to play games as much as her. So, I would love to be able to play games with my 4yr old son an him not getting the heck shot at him since most the time it is cheaters and something like spawn campers are something that I don’t like and he curses I don’t care he is going to learn it some time so I tell him when he can’t say it and tell him the different words to use. I just would love to be able to play a game with him where he doesn’t think everyone is cheating. Gah, then again if you message me better ask me about something about this cause I might think you are a bot on there since there are a lot of them around more now then along time ago. >.>

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