Treyarch Patches Black Ops, Again

So here we go again. Treyarch are rushing around working on yet another ‘quick’ patch to amend issues with the zombie leaderboards that some Xbox owners have been complaining about. It appears the problem sprung up in unison with the First Strike DLC map pack, downloaded by thousands of players at the beginning of this month exclusively on Microsoft’s console. Player’s high scores aren’t registering properly on the leaderboards according to reports.

It would seem that things still aren’t going right for Treyarch and their best selling game. It is borderline laughable how many patches, hotfixes, and full body waxes that Black Ops has needed thus far, and some of the bugs that have been there from the beginning are still brooding away. PS3 owners will note that if you go back to the main menu from multiplayer or zombie mode, the game will ask you to fiddle around with your brightness settings, your screen ratio, the audio setup, and if you would like to enable the ‘graphic content’. This is one of many issues that still remain.

I actually enjoy Black Ops a great deal when it works, and I think many more would also if the game wasn’t riddled with so many overlooked details that somewhat spoil the experience. Up until now Xbox gamers have been having the cleanest multiplayer experience on Call Of Duty, but now with the DLC itself seeming to be a bug pack, no platform is safe it would seem.

Community man for Treyarch Josh Olin (doesn’t everyone know his name now? For all the wrong reasons?)  said via Twitter that all will be resolved in the next patch. With any luck this patch won’t make things worse….it has already happened once…

The First Strike DLC will be available on PSN from March 3 and ‘before the end of April’ on PC. Overall however, the DLC has been well received.