Treyarch To Add New Maps, Increase Level Cap In Call Of Duty: Black Ops III Beta



If you’ve been one of the fortunate few to have participated in the ongoing multiplayer beta for Call of Duty: Black Ops III on PlayStation 4, we have good news: Treyarch is set to update the vertical slice in order to increase the level cap and add a new map in the form of Stronghold.

Currently, the level cap is locked at 28, though at 10am PT/1pm ET today, that will receive a bump to 34. In a post announcing the update, the game’s Design Director David Vonderhaar noted that only 10% of players have reached the artificial ceiling thus far, but following today’s patch, a host of new weaponry and gear will open up including the VMP SMG, H.A.T.R scorestreak, Power Core scorestreak and Reaper Specialist.

Due to continue until Sunday, August 23 on PlayStation 4, it’s understood the Call of Duty: Black Ops III multiplayer beta will open up to Xbox One and PC users on August 26 as per Sony’s new-fangled licensing deal with Activision.

Taking place in the year 2065, Black Ops III takes it one step further than Sledgehammer’s Advanced Warfare and imagines a future battlefield overrun by private military corporations. With retina implants, bioengineering and other bleeding-edge tech available, the line between man and machine in the threequel has all but been eradicated, and that undoubtedly means massive changes to the core gameplay.

Mixing it up from the traditional class-based systems of old, Black Ops III features 8 Specialist classes to choose from, each with their own pros, cons and, well, specialities. With the ability to wall-run and strafe, expect plenty more locomotion in this year’s installment, and we’re excited to get our hands on the finalized version when the game makes its bow in November.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III will take Actvision’s juggernaut into a dark and dystopian future when Treyarch’s anticipated threequel launches for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on November 6.

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