Trine Developer Frozenbyte Set Stealth Adventure Shadwen For May 2016 Release


After spending the last few years working on the Trine franchise, developer Frozenbyte have announced when their latest effort, Shadwen, will arrive. The stealth-action title is set to bow in May 2016, and will be available on the PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.

As the titular assassin, the only rule that players have to follow is to avoid being detected by enemies. If you get caught, there’s no escape, and it’s instantly game over. To help curb the frustration that could stem from this approach, time in the game only advances when the player does. Additionally, if you make a mistake or just want to try a different approach, you are free to turn back time.

Taking a cue from Trine, Shadwen has access to a grappling hook she can use for help. The hook will allow her to move around the city in quick and acrobatic fashion. The device can also be used to toss around objects such as crates and bombs, so there are plenty of different ways for you to get the jump on your enemies.

As for the plot of Shadwen, you’d probably be surprised to know that it’s not all about assassinations. Although the assassin is on a mission to take out the king, she also must deal with the orphan girl, Lily, that chooses to follow her after a chance encounter. With young eyes watching her, Shadwen must decide whether it is best to viciously kill her foes, or to find a non-lethal way to get by.

Even after the disappointment that was Trine 3, I’m excited to see what Frozenbyte has up their sleeve here. While it looks like it maintains some of the same features as its predecessors, Shadwen could represent a new chapter for the studio. The stealth-reliant gameplay should provide a hearty challenge, and I’m interested to see all of the different ways their will be to deal with certain situations.

We will continue to have coverage of Shadwen in the lead-up to its May 2016 release, so stay tuned!