Turtle Rock Confirms Evolve Balance Update Is Inbound, May Be The “Focus Of Some Controversy”


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Turtle Rock Studios may have already set Evolve on its way when the asymmetric shooter launched last week, but since then the development team have been keeping one ear to the ground. Specifically, given the game’s online-centric nature, the studio has been accruing feedback from the community relating to balancing issues, and just yesterday Co-Founder Chris Ashton confirmed that an update is on its way.

In fact, Ashton noted that the patch may “be the focus of some controversy” amongst the title’s fanbase, stating that:

We are working on the first balance update now and I’m sure it’ll be the focus of some controversy but I know everyone will be excited to dig in and see how the game changes with update. Personally I always love digging through the change notes of any game I play.

Prior to release, Evolve bore the brunt of other controversy when Turtle Rock revealed the game’s extensive DLC plans, not to mention the seemingly unnecessary amount of pre-order bonuses and SKUs. However, in the same blog post, Ashton pointed to the free content that is releasing in the coming weeks, which will come in the form of additional maps alongside a new-fangled Observer mode, allowing a sixth player to spectate an entire match.

This is all planned in tandem with the paid-for content, which Ashton also touched upon.

Additionally we are hard at work on Behemoth and the Tier 4 Hunters. Each one brings something new to the plate whether you play as them, along side them, or against them. The new maps are also beautiful and really different. The new game mode is still early but the initial response has been very positive. Observer mode is going to be a nice addition too. I expect lots of the streamers will have a go at shoutcasting games.

Evolve is available now across consoles and PC. For more on Turtle Rock’s shooter, be sure to check out our detailed review.

Source: Turtle Rock

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