Turtle Rock Studios Pushes Evolve Back To 2015


Another one of 2014’s most-anticipated releases has been bumped from this year’s launch line-up today, after Take-Two confirmed during its fiscal report that Turtle Rock Studios’ monster-hunting co-op shooter Evolve has been delayed until February 10th, 2015.

Originally planned to launch across current-gen systems and PC on October 21st, Evolve has been billed as an alternative take on the multiplayer shooter, with four players collaborating to take down a player-controlled behemoth.

And while Take-Two has yet to cite a reason for the delay, it’s understood that developer Turtle Rock hosted a closed alpha for the game recently, which indicates that the studio may have ran into unforeseen problems with the online-only title. Nevertheless, this is mere conjecture at this point in time.

October 2014 was once jam-packed with a slew of anticipated releases, including Dragon Age: Inquisition, Battlefield: Hardline and Batman: Arkham Knight — though the latter threequel was a tentative October candidate at best. Now, Evolve will join the likes of Dying Light and The Witcher II: Wild Hunt in 2015, which each received delays of their own in recent months.

Elsewhere in Take-Two’s report, the publisher also announced a financial loss of approximately $35 million; however, sales performance exceeded expectations and the company estimates an earnings revenue of $1.40 billion for the fiscal year.

Turtle Rock Studios’ shooter will now launch globally for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on February 10th, 2015. It seems Take-Two may have put the cart before the horse when they declared Evolve the “defining” Xbox One & PlayStation 4 for 2014, eh?

Source: Polygon

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