Turtle Rock’s Evolve Has Gone Gold, Celebrate With This Introductory Cutscene


Although its scheduled release date is still over a month away, Turtle Rock Studios’ Evolve has officially gone gold. As such, the game is finished and ready for release, which means that the developer must be pretty happy with how things have turned out. Let’s just hope that gamers will share that same sentiment.

To celebrate this announcement, those who’ve been itching to get their hands on the competitive multiplayer shooter have been gifted with a three minute-long introductory cutscene. Needless to say, it’s chock full of badass man-versus-alien action, complete with bullets, special abilities and some tooth-chipping gore.

While some of us at We Got This Covered are quite excited about Evolve and its potential, I’d be lying if I said that I felt the same way. Then again, I’ve always been more of a campaign-focused gamer than a multiplayer addict, although I never say no to good competitive action. I’ll be giving the game a shot, for sure, but I’m not sure if it’ll be for me, even though I loved the original Left 4 Dead.

Look for Evolve on February 10th, and prepare your interactive survival skills for an encounter with a large and scary-as-hell alien.

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