Turtle Rock’s Upcoming Shooter, Evolve, Unleashes New Details


Turtle Rock Studios left gamers salivating after the studio revealed their upcoming co-op shooter, Evolve. Luckily, our appetites can be satisfied today thanks to NeoGAF user recks, who has provided specific gameplay details pulled straight from the pages of Game Informer.

Evolve aims to capture our attention by capitalizing on the thrill of the hunt within extremely lush and large outdoor environments that are populated by a vast array of AI wildlife. Similar to Left 4 Dead, the game will provide a simple story to guide the action and Turtle Rock is ensuring that each hunter has their own unique set of skills and equipment, as well as their own distinct personality.

Markov, the Assault class, comes prepped with proximity mines and two weapons (long and short range) to deal out optimal damage. He is designed to dominate the hunting grounds in a hail of gunfire, if need be, but also lugs around a personal shield as insurance.

The Medic, Val, is exactly what you think she is but utilizes a sniper rifle that deals double damage. Additionally, the medic comes equipped with a tranquilizer gun that highlights and slows the monster, as well as a medgun that heals and revives other players.

Hank, the support role, naturally improves the abilities of other classes and uses his shield projector to protect other players. When the hunt becomes too intense, he has a laser canon that can be called in for orbital barrages.

If you happen to be searching for a more traditional approach to hunting, then the trapper, Griffin, is for you. His harpoon gun stops the monster from moving forward and uses a mobile arena that can trap the monster. He also comes equipped with a standard submachine gun that can be used in tandem with sound spikes in order to eliminate approaching beasts.

Additionally, each character comes with a jet pack that grants them added mobility and the capacity to dodge incoming attacks.