Twin-Stick Shooter Crimsonland Comes To The PlayStation 4 On July 15


In a post on the Official PlayStation Blog, 10tons Ltd. have announced that twin-stick shooter Crimsonland will be coming to the PlayStation 4 on July 15.

In the post, PR coordinator Jaakko Maaniemi spoke about not only what the title means to 10tons Ltd., but also what differentiates this version of the title from the original PC release back in 2003.

Crimsonland is also the game 10tons was founded on all the way back in 2003. It started as a student project, but soon reached a level of success that a company was needed to support it. The PS4 version at hand is still largely the same game. Sure, the graphics have been replaced with new HD assets, content has been added and design tweaks made, but the immensely satisfying gameplay remains intact.

Placing players into the shoes of a Trooper, Crimsonland is all about chaos and survival. Monsters that run the gamut from giant spiders to aliens to zombies are all out to get you and will continue to attack you until they drop dead. Besides your standard issued weapon, power-ups will also be scattered throughout each mission that can wipe the screen clear of enemies. There won’t be much time for rest, though, as another batch of baddies is always waiting in the wings.

In addition to the standard weapon and scattered power-ups, Crimsonland will also grant players access to 30 different weapons and 55 perks, such as the ability to reload faster or shoot poison bullets. Figuring out which weapons and perks suit your play style will be key in order to survive the 60 mission campaign and three difficulty levels. Players will also be able to run through the campaign either by themselves or with up to three additional partners in local co-op.

I don’t know about you, but I always enjoy a good twin-stick shooter, and what I’m hearing from 10tons Ltd. here has me all kinds of interested. 60 missions? Local co-op? Giant spiders?!? You better believe I’ll be checking out Crimsonland when it launches later this month.