Twisted Metal Multiplayer Demo Coming To PSN January 31st

The upcoming multiplayer focused PlayStation 3 vehicle combat game, Twisted Metal has had its downloadable multiplayer demo confirmed for a launch date of Tuesday, January 31st on the PlayStation Network.

The game, directed by series veteran David Jaffe and developed by Eat Sleep Play, was mentioned on the latest episode of the PlayStation BlogCast, Sony‘s official PlayStation-centric podcast. That was where media specialist Sid Shuman made the announcement.

The Twisted Metal series is Sony‘s longest-running game franchise across the PlayStation brand, with the first entry debuting in November 1995 on the original PlayStation. Subsequent entries were released on the PlayStation 2 and PSP. This title, the first since Twisted Metal: Head-On, is the eighth in the series.

You can purchase this series revamp on February 14.

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