Twisted Metal Has Its UK Release Date Confirmed

Originally scheduled to release last October, Sony‘s Twisted Metal reboot is now slated to launch on Valentine’s Day in North America. Those plans are common knowledge by now. However, gamers living across the pond have been eagerly anticipating an announcement regarding just when they will be able to get their hands on the vehicular carnage title. Now, those fans can put their minds to ease. Thanks to MCV, we now know that David Jaffe‘s passion project will be available to UK gamers on February 17.

Early adopters who purchase a copy from the game’s first-run, will receive a voucher allowing them to download Twisted Metal Black. The dark and gritty 2001 PS2 title is a favourite amongst fans of the franchise.

Having spent some time with the game at the Sony Holiday 2011 Preview Event in Toronto late last year, I’m expecting Twisted Metal to make a triumphant return. The demo build that they had on display was polished, fast-paced, addicting and fun.

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