Twitch Bans Pro Apex Legends Player For Passing Out Drunk On Stream

Apex Legends Lifeline

Apex Legends isn’t in a good spot right now. You know it, we know it and Respawn most definitely knows it, but the battle royale is still far from being forcibly tucked into its death bed. The days of it being considered a direct competitor to Epic Games’ Fortnite have long since passed, of course, but players in their thousands still continue to visit Kings Canyon on a daily basis, if only to enjoy the solid gunplay that lies at the squad-based shooter’s core.

That being the case, streamers at the top of their game still choosing to share their experiences with others continue to record respectable figures, though not always for the right reasons. Case in point, Spacestation Gaming’s Lyndon ‘LyndonFPS’ Lauder, who recently found himself the unenviable recipient of a ban from using the platform for breaching one of the site’s numerous rules and guidelines.

For what, in hindsight, will surely be considered a lapse in judgement, LyndonFPS decided to spice up his latest (and final) stream by enjoying a tipple or 10. As cause and effect dictate, Lyndon proceeded to get blind drunk live on air and ultimately passed out.

Twitch subsequently cut the broadcast and issued the streamer a permanent ban, confirmation of which later came straight from the horse’s mouth. Once he’d sobered up, of course.

As for Twitch, no comment specifically tied to this latest ban has been issued, though it’s largely unnecessary. As detailed under the site’s stance on ‘Self-Destructive Behaviour,’ guidelines state that “Any activity that may endanger your life or lead to your physical harm is prohibited,” with “illegal or dangerous consumption of alcohol” specified as one particular example.

Lyndon ultimately recovered from his latest boozing session, of course, though drinking oneself into an unconscious state, I imagine, is more than enough grounds to justify endangerment. Sadly, too, we never know where he placed in that fateful match of Apex Legends.

The lesson of the day? Don’t drink and stream.