Twitch Releases E3 2016 Schedule


We all have our favorite places to watch E3, but with the recent announcement of their event schedule, online audiences might want to give Twitch their attention.

E3 2016 is, conveniently, the fifth anniversary for the streaming service. As such, expect things to be started with a bang. According to an official blog post, Twitch will be kicking things off not a day early, but two. After all, “Why start on Day 0, when you can start on Day -1?”

In addition to the expected conference presentations, those who visit Twitch’s E3 Event Page will be able to catch interviews with Ubisoft, Warner Bros. Interactive, Deep Silver, Microsoft, Sega, Sony, 2K, EA, SQUARE ENIX, NEXON, Paradox Interactive, and more.

The schedule is below and all times are PST.

June 12th — Day -1
1pm: EA Press Conference
7pm: Bethesda E3 Showcase
8:30pm-9am: Official Twitch E3 2016 Pre-Pre-Show

June 13th — Day 0
9:30am: Xbox E3 Briefing
11:30am: The PC Gaming Show
1pm: Ubisoft E3 Press Conference
3pm: TBA Exclusive Reveals
6pm: PlayStation E3 Experience

June 14th — Day 1
9am: Nintendo Treehouse LIVE @ E3
10:30am-7pm: E3 2016 Main Event @ the Twitch Booth

June 15th — Day 2
10:00am-7pm: E3 2016 Main Event @ the Twitch Booth

June 16th — Day 3
10:00am-6pm: E3 2016 Main Event @ the Twitch Booth

Source: Twitch