Twitch streamer reveals a young streamer sexually harassed her: ‘I’m scared of the new generation of kids’

screenshot of twitch by user amanderz
Twitch / Twitter

Online streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube are increasingly becoming an environment akin to the wild west to the young users who frequent them, with parents seemingly unaware of what their kids are getting into online. Case in point, one Twitch streamer revealed a disturbing stream she captured in which a young boy, maybe all of 11 or 12-years-old, sexually harassed her while she was playing Fall Guys.

Amanderz, who boasts nearly 40,000 followers on Twitch, was on the Jump Club round of the platform battle royale game when the youth in question began making comments about her breasts.

“Bro, she is my girlfriend and I don’t know what the f*** she’s talking about. She’s literally my girlfriend, we’ve been dating for like two months now,” the kid said to another user ostensibly also on the stream, adding: “Anyway, it’s time to go harass more women because it’s funny and it’s content.”

“I should join her Discord, and harass people in her Discord,” he added. “I’m gonna make a little hard freestyle on this ugly a** b****, you know what I’m saying.” He continued to rap more vulgarities at the screen before the feed blessedly cut out.

“Reasons why I’m scared of the new generation of kids,” Amanderz tweeted on Monday night, along with a 36-second video of the abhorrent behavior.

The clip quickly went viral, as many people couldn’t wrap their heads around such language coming from a child. “This is honestly sad and disappointing,” tweeted one user. “He is prime example how kids are easily influenced by shitty adult CCS who have baby humor. Mental.”

Many users wondered where the parents were during all of this, and sounded off as such.

Others pointed to toxic gaming culture being perpetuated by the likes of Adin Ross, Andrew Tate, and IShowSpeed (Darren Jay Watkins Jr.), the latter of whom was recently banned from YouTube for streaming an extremely NSFW adult mod in Minecraft.

One user even pointed out that the unnamed kid even follows IShowSpeed on YouTube.

“I’m genuinely concerned about the lack of moderation with gaming platforms,” summarized another user. “Absent parenting, lack of internet supervision. [Whatever] the reason, games and apps need to do better with moderation too. Too many toxic gamers are tolerated and enabled, in turn, children model their behavior.”

With any hope, this kid’s parents will finally get clued in to what their son is doing online, and intervene accordingly.