Twitter has some strong feelings over this new ‘Among Us’ figurine

Among Us Fortnite Rumors
Image via InnerSloth LLC

The Good Smile Company is preparing to launch an official Among Us figurine for fans of the online multiplayer game, and Twitter has some feelings about it.

The company prepped fans for the Nendoroid figurine in a tweet on Dec. 23, just one day before the figurines become available for pre-order. The figurines’ latest announcement tweet was quickly flooded with comments from trepidatious users, many of whom felt that the figurines are far too simple for the price.

Among Us was one of the most popular multiplayer games of 2020, despite initially releasing back in 2018. The game experienced a sharp rise in popularity during the pandemic, however, and has since become one of the more recognizable games of the last several years. The simple game collected hordes of fans between early 2020 and 2021, inspiring several knockoffs and heaps of merchandise.

The latest merchandise from the Good Smile Company is causing waves, due in large part to what many fans feel is an overly simplified design. Merch from the game is bound to be simple — the entire game design is already uncomplicated — but its simplicity invites innovation. Fans of the social deduction game feel the new figurines could have incorporated more elements to make them worth the price.

The current options offered up by the Good Smile Company come in three colors —black, cyan, and red— and are marginally adjustable. Each figurine is around the size of an average person’s hand and comes with a clear stand. These stands allow the figurines to be adjusted and posed, for optimum display potential.

The figurines also come with one hand a piece, along with a simple bone. The bone can be placed inside of the figurines, which split down the middle, providing the option for purchasers to pose them following a run-in with an imposter. The hand is frozen in a pointing position, allowing it to be arranged in several game-accurate poses.

Following the Good Smile Company’s latest tweet, criticism started flooding in from Twitter users. Numerous people labeled the figurines as thoroughly “sus” and blasted them for being far too simple. They also called out the company for creating a product that essentially requires multiple purchases for proper display.

“So it only comes with the one hand???? Are you serious,” one user wrote. “Yeah I can have the body look like a corpse but I’d have to have more than one of em to make that look good in display.”

The biggest complaint among potential consumers appears to be that the figurines are far too basic for the price. While no official price is listed in the tweet or on The Good Smile Company’s website, many fans indicated that they expect the figurines to sell for around $60. Many similar Nendoroid products sell for between $50 and $70, so the estimated price seems reasonably likely. A simple, single-toned figurine with only two additions seems exceedingly basic for $60, however, a fact that potential purchasers were very much not okay with.

Within a few hours of the tweet going live, people were throwing out suggestions for ways to make the product better. Recommendations like removable “faceplates” that incorporate “cracked glass or blood or accessories” would make the figurines more malleable, and would likely inspire far more fans to make a purchase. The addition of tools and weapons, as well as the variety of hats that players can wear, would also add some intrigue to the product’s design, and help far more fans to explain away the potentially high price point.

The simplicity of the figurines isn’t turning everyone off, however. Several commenters noted that they intend to pre-order the Among Us Nendoroid regardless of cost, and shared their disappointment at “how tempted I am to buy this.”

Preorder your own Among Us Nendoroid figurine on Dec. 24.