Tyranny Announced With New Trailer At GDC 2016


Obsidian and Paradox Interactive have teamed up for the production of a new role-playing game set to be known as Tyranny. Taking place in an original world under the rule of a despotic overlord, players will actually find themselves thrust into the role of bad guy in Tyranny.

After Kyros – the aforementioned overlord – led his forces of evil to victory in the great struggle between good and evil, they began roaming the world at will. Players will play as a member of Kyros’ forces, with responsibility of acting as both judge and executioner in their interactions with the world’s staggered population.

Tyranny is a game that Paradox and Obsidian are already proud of, with its non-linear story and choice/consequence driven actions being touted early on:

With Tyranny, we love the twist we’ve put on the world which started with the premise ‘What if evil already won?’ Coupled with that is our ongoing dedication to giving our players games full of choice and consequence. Games they can play not just once, but many times.

You can check out the first trailer for Tyranny above, and keep an eye out for more on the game’s 2016 release as it comes to us.