Ubisoft All But Finished With PS3 And Xbox 360; Unannounced Triple-A Title Slated For Early 2016


Aside from the ever-popular Just Dance series, Ubisoft is all but finished developing for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, after the company confirmed that all of its major franchise will now be designed with the current-gen consoles in mind.

The French publisher is undoubtedly one of the biggest in the industry, with a hoard of bona fide series including Assassin’s Creed and Rainbow Six, not to mention the new kids on the block: The Division and The Crew. One IP that this doesn’t apply to, however, is Just Dance, with the company’s CEO Yves Guillemot revealing that there is still a demand for the rhythm title on older hardware.

“On Just Dance, we will continue to bring old-gen console versions. But on the other products like Assassin’s Creed, Rainbow Six, The Division, and the unannounced franchise, we will not have old-gen versions.”

In other news, yesterday’s financial report brings word that Ubisoft has a new triple-A title waiting in the wings, which is reportedly aiming for a release in the early stages of 2016 alongside The Division. Many have claimed that said game will turn out to be Watch Dogs 2; however, we expect that the mega-publisher will hold the cybernetic sequel for a while longer in order to extend the development window to an appropriate amount of time. In fact, it could well be the case that Ubisoft is gearing up to unveil Beyond Good & Evil 2, though we’ll just have to hedge our bets until we hear anything official.

Just yesterday, Ubisoft formally unveiled Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate. Due in October of this year, the clandestine sequel will whisk players off to a dark rendition of Victorian London. For more on the title, check out our breakdown here.